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Advanced Data Analysis [ Postgraduate ] SY7014 Module
Advanced Research Methods SY7036 Module
Ageing, Death and the Life Course SY2085 Module
Ageing, Death and the Life Course [ Year 3 ] SY3070 Module
Analysing Media Discourse SY3083 Module
City Life and Social Order [ Year 3 ] SY3080 Module
Civil Society and the Public Sphere between Markets and the State [ Postgraduate ] SY7033 Module
Civil Society, Advocacy and Service Delivery [ Postgraduate ] SY7030 Module
Culture, Identity and Representation [ Year 3 ] SY3015 Module
Cybersociology SY1017 Module
Debates in Contemporary Sociology [ Postgraduate ] SY7019 Module
Dissertation [ Postgraduate ] SY7005 Module
Educational and Sociological Perspectives on Childhood SY1023 Module
Ethnicity and Society [ Year 1 ] SY1015 Module
Exploring the Social World SY7043 Module
Foundations in Qualitative Research SY7046 Module
Gender and Consumer Culture [ Postgraduate ] SY7025 Module
Global Poverty and Development [ Year 3 ] SY3081 Module
Health and Inequality [ Postgraduate ] SY7028 Module
International Migration [ Postgraduate ] SY7026 Module
Internship [ Postgraduate ] SY7032 Module
Interpreting Sociological Texts SY2087 Module
Introduction To Social Research SY1020 Module
Introductory Data Analysis [ Postgraduate ] SY7013 Module
Issues in Contemporary Society [ Postgraduate ] SY7018 Module
Knowledge and Method II [ Postgraduate ] SY7007 Module
Memory, Society and Self [ Year 3 ] SY3077 Module
Philosophy of Social Science SY7045 Module
Philosophy of Social Science SY7006 Module
Political Sociology [ Postgraduate ] SY7031 Module
Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis SY7035 Module
Race and Ethnicity [ Postgraduate ] SY7022 Module
Research in Context I [ Postgraduate ] SY7008 Module
Research in Context II [ Postgraduate ] SY7009 Module
Research Questions to Research Design SY7034 Module
Social and Cultural Theory SY7037 Module
Social Change, Identity and Behaviour [ Year 1 ] SY1001 Module
Social Class and Inequalities [ Year 2 ] SY2075 Module
Sociology of Teaching and Learning SY2097 Module
SY3082 SY3082 Module
SY3089 SY3089 Module
SY7013 Collecting and Analysing Numeric Data 2021-22 Sem1 SY7013_2021-22_SEM1 Module
SY7027 SY7027 Module
SY7047 Quantitative Research Methods SY7047 Module
Teaching and Learning in Schools SY2096 Module
Technology, Culture and Communication [ Postgraduate ] SY7021 Module
The Global Sex Trade [ Year 2 ] SY2082 Module
The Sociology of Deviance [ Year 2 ] SY2080 Module
The Sociology of Health and Illness SY7042 Module
The Sociology of Health and Illness [ Year 3 ] SY3086 Module
Victims and Offenders [ Year 1 ] SY1016 Module
Work, Employment and Society [ Year 1 ] SY1012 Module
Youth Culture and Politics [ Year 2 ] SY2081 Module

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