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Advanced Principles of Audience Research MS7217 Module
Advanced Topics in Advertising MS7080 Module
Advertising and Promotion in the Digital Age MS7081 Module
Advertising as Communication [ Postgraduate ] MS7520 Module
Advertising Research Practices MS7306 Module
Advertising Strategy and Creativity MS7084 Module
Advertising, Culture and Communications [ Year 3 ] MS3012 Module
Advertising: industry, contexts, impacts [ Postgraduate ] MS7519 Module
Analysing Communication Processes [ Year 2 ] MS2002 Module
Analysing Media Outputs [ Postgraduate ] MS7301 Module
Approaches to Audiences MS7013 Module
Audience and Reception [ Postgraduate ] MS7507 Module
Broadcasting Crisis [ Year 3 ] MS3023 Module
Chinese Media in a Global Context MS7052 Module
Client Led Production MS3035 Module
Communication Technology and Society [ Postgraduate ] MS7614 Module
Communications & Globalization [ Postgraduate ] MS7503 Module
Contemporary Issues in Media and Cultural Issues [ Postgraduate ] MS7000 Module
Cosmopolitanism, Media and Human Rights MS7101 Module
Creative Audiences MS2004 Module
CRISIS COMMUNICATION LAB [ Postgraduate ] MS7044 Module
Critical Approaches to Consumer Culture [ Postgraduate ] MS7030 Module
Critical Approaches to Data Analytics and the Digital Economy MS7087 Module
Critical Game Studies MS7218 Module
Critical Public Relations: Contexts and Issues [ Postgraduate ] MS7515 Module
Crtitical Approaches to Celebrity Culture MS7100 Module
DIGITAL EVERYDAY LIFE [ Postgraduate ] MS7043 Module
Digital Journalism [ Postgraduate ] MS7036 Module
Dissertation [ Postgraduate ] MS7032 Module
Dissertation [ Postgraduate ] MS7012 Module
Dissertation [ Postgraduate ] MS7509 Module
Dissertation A MS3007 Module
Dissertation B [ Year 3 ] MS3008 Module
Distance Learning Support MSX019 Module
e-Governance and e-Democracy: Theory and Practice [ Postgraduate ] MS7518 Module
Employability in the Media [ Year 3 ] MS3020 Module
Film as Mass Communication [ Postgraduate ] MS7010 Module
Gender Politics in Contemporary Media MS7214 Module
Global Affairs: Actors, Communication and Culture MS7006_2019-20 Module
Global Affairs: Communications, Culture and Power [ Postgraduate ] MS7006 Module
Global Cinema [ Postgraduate ] MS7011 Module
Global Communication and Development MS7082 Module
Global Media MS7086 Module
Global TV MS2015 Module
Globalization of Sexuality: Culture and Media MS7056 Module
Graduate Seminar: Identities and Boundaries [ Postgraduate ] MS7024 Module
Health Communication in a Global Context MS7021 Module
Humanitarianism, Ethics and the Media MS7216 Module
Images and Represention MS7610 Module
International Political Communication [ Postgraduate ] MS7034 Module
Introduction to advertising [ Postgraduate ] MS7047 Module
Introduction to Cinema [ Year 1 ] MS1000 Module
Investigating Media [ Postgraduate ] MS7504 Module
Issues in Media and Communication MS7616 Module
Issues in Media and Communication MSX028 Module
Issues in Media, Culture and Communication MS7332 Module
Journalism: News Access and Source Power [ Postgraduate ] MS7613 Module
Key Issues & Approaches in Media Study [ Postgraduate ] MS7500 Module
Knowledge and Methods in Social Sciences [ Postgraduate ] MS7001 Module
Law, Media and Communication [ Postgraduate ] MS7037 Module
Managing and Communicating Research [ Postgraduate ] MS7007 Module
Mass Communication Theory MS7002 Module
MCS PhD by Distance Learning MCS001 Module
Media and Conflict [ Postgraduate ] MS7039 Module
Media and democracy MS7054 Module
Media as Technology [ Postgraduate ] MS7040 Module
Media Audiences and Users MS7013_2020_21_JAN Module
Media History & Social Regulation [ Postgraduate ] MS7501 Module
Media in Global Context [ Postgraduate ] MS7502 Module
Media Industries: Convergence, Divergence [ Postgraduate ] MS7505 Module
Media Law [ Year 3 ] MS3021 Module
Media Production & Communication Practice 2 MS2014 Module
Media Research Design and Practice MS7619 Module
Media Research Methods MS7400 Module
MS7003 MS7003 Module
MS7009 MS7009 Module
MS7013: Media Audiences and Users 2021-22 SEM2 (January Cohort) MS7013_2021-22_SEM2_JAN Module
Musical Communication [ Postgraduate ] MS7046 Module
New Media and the Wired World [ Year 2 ] MS2007 Module
New Media Cultures [ Postgraduate ] MS7303 Module
New Media Theories and Concepts [ Postgraduate ] MS7302 Module
New Media, Online Persuasion and Behavioural Change MS7103 Module
New Media, Online Persuasion and Behavioural Change MS7224 Module
New Media, Online Persuasion and Behavioural Change JAN 21 MS7224_2020_21_JAN Module
News Management, Communication and Social Problems [ Postgraduate ] MS7027 Module
Political Communication [ Postgraduate ] MS7517 Module
Pre-Masters Dissertation A [ Year 3 ] MS3017 Module
Pre-Masters Dissertation B [ Year 3 ] MS3018 Module
Professional Practices [ Postgraduate ] MS7506 Module
Promotional Culture MS7307 Module
Promotional Culture MS3707 Module
Protest and Publics in the Network Society MS7102 Module
Public Relations, Culture and Society MS7308 Module
Public Relations, Culture and Society MS7078 Module
Public Relations, Journalism & Networked Media MS7309 Module
Public relations, journalism and networked media MS7079 Module
Reporting War and Security Post 9/11 MS7220 Module
Research Design and Research Practice MS7201 Module
Research Methods and Management 1 [ Postgraduate ] MS7004 Module
Research Methods and Management 2 [ Postgraduate ] MS7005 Module
Researching Media and Public Communication MS7025 Module
Researching Science Communication MS7053 Module
Researching Social Media [ Postgraduate ] MS7042 Module
Sociology of New Media MS7060 Module
Strategic Communication Management MS7618 Module
Strategic Communication Management MS7310 Module
Studying Film MS7215 Module
Studying Film MS7223 Module
Technology, Culture and Power: Global Perspectives [ Postgraduate ] MS7028 Module
Technology, Culture and Power: Global Perspectives [ Year 3 ] MS3010 Module
Television Studies MS1008 Module
Television Studies MS2008 Module
The Cultural Industries: Theory, Policy and Practice MS7211 Module
The Digital Economy [ Postgraduate ] MS7033 Module
The Political Economy of the New Media [ Postgraduate ] MS7516 Module
The Social/Cultural Construction of Science, Health and the Environment MS7219 Module
The Sociology of New Media MS7055 Module
Theories of globalization and new media MS7083 Module
Theories of Globalization and New Media [ Postgraduate ] MS7023 Module
Transnational Relations and Communications [ Postgraduate ] MS7022 Module

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