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Introduction to Management XP0005 Module
XP0001 Academic English and Skills (EM) XP0001_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0002 Introduction to Accounting and Finance XP0002_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0003 Introduction to Economics XP0003_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0004 Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Business XP0004_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0005 Introduction to Management XP0005_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0006 Introduction to Marketing XP0006_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0007 Academic English and Skills (ET) XP0007_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0008 Introduction to Physics XP0008_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0009 Introduction to Mathematics for Engineering XP0009_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0010 Introduction to Mechanics XP0010_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0011 Academic English and Skills (SOC) XP0011_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0012 Intercultural studies XP0012_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0013 Introduction to Media and Communication XP0013_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0014 Introduction to English Law XP0014_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module
XP0015 Introduction to Sociology XP0015_2019-20_Y_LGSC Module

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