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American Film and Visual Culture HA1224_17-18 Module
American Film and Visual Culture [ Year 2 ] HA2224_17-18 Module
Art and Patronage in Late Medieval England c.1300-1500 [ Year 2 ] HA2021 Module
B-Films and Serials [ Year 3 ] HA3463 Module
British Cinema and Society in the 1980s and 1990s [ Year 3 ] HA3482 Module
British Gothic Sculpture HA3426 Module
Classical Aesthetics and its Legacy [ Year 3 ] HA3020 Module
Conceptual Art and its Aftermath in Britain [ Year 3 ] HA3424 Module
Contemporary Hollywood HA2432_17-18 Module
Country House Architecture in Eighteenth Century Britain HA7508 Module
Country House Furniture in Eighteenth Century Britain HA7509 Module
Country House Research Skills [ Postgraduate ] HA7020 Module
Dissertation [ Postgraduate ] HA7200 Module
Dissertation A [ Postgraduate ] HA7000 Module
Dissertation B [ Postgraduate ] HA7005 Module
Documents of the History of Art [ Year 2 ] HA2219_17-18 Module
European Art, 1890-1940 [ Year 2 ] HA2217 Module
Film & Film Cultures in Historical Contexts [ Postgraduate ] HA7202 Module
Film and Art: Academic Study and the Workplace HA1115_17-18 Module
Film Journalism [ Year 2 ] HA2015_17-18 Module
Film Production [ Year 2 ] HA2429_17-18 Module
HA7510 HA7510 Module
Holbein to Hilliard: Painting in England in the Sixteenth Century [ Year 3 ] HA3031 Module
Hollywood and Melodrama [ Year 3 ] HA3460 Module
Introduction to British Cinema, 1930-1970 [ Year 2 ] HA2440 Module
Introduction to Film History HA1200_17-18 Module
Introduction to Film Theory HA1008 Module
Introduction to the History of Art I [ Year 1 ] HA1112_17-18 Module
Introduction to the History of Art II [ Year 1 ] HA1113_17-18 Module
Italian Art & Architecture 1500-1700 [ Year 2 ] HA2210_17-18 Module
Italian Study Trip [ Year 2 ] HA2207 Module
Joint Honours Dissertation [ Year 3 ] HA3483 Module
Long Essay [ Year 2 ] HA2222_17-18 Module
Modernity and Tradition HA2218_17-18 Module
New Chinese Cinemas HA3437 Module
Reading Film and Television HA1007_17-18 Module
Realism and the Cinema [ Year 1 ] HA1114 Module
Research Methods in Film Studies [ Postgraduate ] HA7201 Module
Researching World Cinema [ Year 2 ] HA2030_17-18 Module
Science Fiction Cinema HA3480 Module
The Country House and its Landscapes HA7503 Module
The Country House and its Landscapes [ Postgraduate ] HA7103 Module
The Country House and the Collecting of Art: Evolution and Dispersal [ Postgraduate ] HA7101 Module
The Country House in Film and Television [ Postgraduate ] HA7107 Module
The Country House in History [ Postgraduate ] HA7010 Module
The Country House: Management, Preservation, Education [ Postgraduate ] HA7106 Module
The Death and Life of Modernist Architecture [ Year 3 ] HA3015 Module
The Golden Age of French Cinema,1930-1955 [ Year 3 ] HA3485 Module
The Politics of the Country House 1660-1832 [ Postgraduate ] HA7102 Module
The Theory and Practice of Art History [ Year 1 ] HA1111 Module
TV Drama HA3478 Module
Words and Pictures [ Year 1 ] HA1120_17-18 Module

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